Residential Retaining Walls

Residential Retaining Walls is your complete resource for all your retaining wall needs in Virginia

Retaining walls have different purposes; earth retention, landscaping, soil reinforcement, water applications such as sea walls, departments of transportation (DOT) and aesthetic value.

Engineering is required for dry stack retaining walls over four feet in height. Please seek out a good Geotechnical Engineer in your location. Geo-synthetic grid (geogrid) is also required on larger retaining walls.

Applications include residential, commercial, water and industrial. Some small residential retaining walls can be constructed by the do-it-yourselfers (DIY), other larger and more complicated walls would need a professional contractor for construction.

Some residential retaining wall manufacturers are: Anchor, Allan Block, Versa-Lok, Redi-Rock, Rockwood, Keystone.

Serpentine, tiered, curved, branched and straight are some types of retaining walls used in residential applications. Some can include a waterfall feature for added landscaping appeal.

From left:  Landscaped retaining wall in Goochland, VA; Residential retaining wall in Goochland, VA; Tiered retaining wall with water feature
Residential Retaining Walls