Pierce’s Pitt Bar-B-Que

Pierce’s Pitt Bar-B-Que. It’s Original. It’s Pierce’s. Since 1971. Williamsburg, Virginia

The Smokehouse at Pierce’s Pitt Bar-B- Que

Pierce’s Pitt Bar-B-Que is one of America’s premier Bar-B-Que restaurants, celebrating more than 35 years of operation, a long list of local, regional and national accolades and the unwavering support of fiercely loyal customers. As any bar-b-que aficionado will attest, it all starts with the sauce.  For Pierce’s, the sauce was a secret family recipe whose origins go back about 80 years and Flat Creek, Tennessee. Julius C. “Doc” Pierce recognized the undeniable appeal of his mother’s bar-b-que sauce recipe, carried it to Williamsburg, Virginia and, with the help of his wife, Verdie, and son J.C., opened a humble walk-up operation.

Street view of Pierce's Pitt Bar-B- Que
Street view of Pierce’s Pitt Bar-B- Que

The restaurant today, which offers indoor seating for 104 as well as picnic tables on the surrounding lawn and wooded grounds, bears little resemblance to its first incarnation. In fact, many have commented about its bright orange and yellow architectural colors, a somewhat eccentric choice for a food operation. According to J.C. Pierce, the colors were chosen by he and his father as they watched the parade of traffic on the adjacent highway. They reasoned that, if the orange and yellow they saw on so many passing trucks worked for them, it would be good enough for the restaurant.

Pitt Master, George Lemnios. George started at Pierce's in 1978. © Pierces
Pitt Master, George Lemnios. George started at Pierce’s in 1978. © Pierces

Located next to the restaurant is the smokehouse, containing three impressive bar-b-que pitts, each capable of producing 2000 pounds of hickory smoked Boston pork butts per day. If they follow their noses, travelers can frequently tell they are drawing near from the aromatic smoke that drifts up and down the roadway.

Pierce’s now enjoys a reputation as one of the all-time best bar-b-que restaurants in America. It has received numerous awards, has regularly received the “Reader’s Choice” award from Southern Living magazine, is frequented by entertainment celebrities. Pierce’s ranks as one of the top 100 bar-b-que restaurants in America.

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