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New Programs for 2016

New Programs for 2016 in Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg is excited to introduce new and expanded programming coming in the spring 2016.

The Governors Palace in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia
The Governors Palace in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. Photo Joseph A. Tyson

Candlemaker – 18th-century candlemakers manufacture raw materials and finished products using historic tools and processes.

Carpenter’s Site – Watch how the carpenter uses hand tools to transform trees into lumber, cut and raise the heavy timber frame of a house, then enclose that frame with siding and roofing.

Expanded Gunsmith Shop  – Working in a shop near the Capitol, members of the Geddy family were gunsmiths, cutlers, founders, and silversmiths.

New Tailor Shop – Nearly everyone employed the services of a tailor to make and to mend some of their garments. The tailors will be moving to an expanded shop in a new location starting April 4, 2016

Musket Range – Come fire 18th-century firearms at the Colonial Williamsburg Musket Range. Participants will learn the history and become familiar with two 18th-century weapons used during the Revolutionary War.

This is only a partial list. See the  complete list of new programming scheduled for the spring  of 2016 in Colonial Williamsburg.

Historic Yorktown Photos

Photos from Historic Yorktown, Virginia

Yorktown has been a strategic port along the York River since colonial times.  Originally a port for shipping tobacco to England, the town figured prominently in the American war for independence and later the Civil War. It is best remembered for being the place that George Washington tricked British General Cornwallis into thinking he was in New York, and gained a strategic advantage, thereby forcing Cornwallis to surrender his army and lose the war for Britain. During the American Civil War, the town changed hands a few times in fierce fighting involving both naval and land forces.