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Historic Jamestowne – Birthplace of America. Preservation Virginia.  The National Park Service

The historic Jamestown Settlement is an ongoing archaeological excavation that continues to broaden our knowledge of the first settlers. Historic Jamestowne is the original site of the Jamestown colony and a popular attraction near Williamsburg, Virginia. Located on Jamestown Island along the Colonial Parkway on the James River Historic Jamestowne is the site of the first permanent English settlement in America. The site is jointly administered by the National Park Service and The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation on behalf of Preservation Virginia.

Historic Jamestowne is owned and managed through a private/public partnership. The Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities (Preservation Virginia) acquired 22.5 acres in 1893. The National Park Service acquired the remaining 1500 acres in 1934. During the early decades, the activity on the Island could be characterized as quiet but cooperative in welcoming visitors, providing research and interpretation.

 Historic Jamestowne, Jamestown, VA.; Historic Jamestowne
Jamestown, VA.; Statue of Captain John Smith at Historic Jamestowne – c. 1962.

The mission of Historic Jamestowne is to preserve, protect and promote the original site of the first permanent English settlement in North America and to tell the story of the role of the three cultures, European, North American and African, that came together to lay the foundation for a uniquely American form of democratic government, language, free enterprise and society.

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Historic Jamestowne – Birthplace of America
Jamestown, Virginia
Website:  www.historicjamestowne.org/index.php