Bruton Parish Episcopal Church

Bruton Parish Episcopal Church

Since 1674 – Duke of Gloucester Street,
Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

The Bruton Parish Church located in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia is a highlight not only among Virginia historic landmarks, but among colonial American landmarks as well.

Bruton Parish Episcopal Church, Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Bruton’s earliest vestry records of April 18, 1674, named the Reverend Roland Jones as the first rector and authorized buying glebe lands. Three years later, the vestry agreed to build a new brick church to serve the consolidated parish. This beautiful structure began as an Anglican Church but after the American Independence it became known as an Episcopal Church. Services are still held everyday, with accommodations for over 400 people. Be sure to come early to services on Christmas or Easter Sunday, to make sure you will have a seat.

Bruton Parish Church in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia
Bruton Parish Church in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Some of the most popular events held regularly at the church are its concerts. The Bruton Parish Church has welcomed guest performers from across the country, and you can hear a variety of music, from baroque to traditional church music with organ and choir.

Musical concerts are held at every Sunday service, holidays, and on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, with over 120 concerts and recitals a year. You can find out what concerts are coming up on the church’s website.

The church structure is unusual in its architecture. Bruton Parish Church stands as a brick structure in the shape of a crucifix, and visitors and locals alike continue to admire it. In 1926 the Bruton Parish Church underwent a restoration, financed by John D. Rockefeller who hoped to return the historic district of Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia to its colonial state. Rockefeller financed improvements such as moving the altar to the east end of the building and doing interior excavations. The restoration was completed in 1939, and seventy years later, Rockefeller’s hope to preserve the national treasures of Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia has prevailed.

The churchyard of Bruton Parish Church holds some of the oldest colonial graves in Virginia, with the oldest dating back to 1678. Take a turn through the cemetery and you shall find exquisite examples of colonial funerary art, and perhaps a few relatives.

bruton-parish-church_8317_r2Bruton Parish Episcopal Church
331 West Duke of Gloucester Street (Colonial Williamsburg)
Williamsburg, VA 23185
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Bruton Parish Church,
P.O. Box 3520,
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Phone: 757-229-2891