Presidents Park

Presidents Park, Williamsburg, Virginia. An Educational and Fun Tribute to Past Presidents

Closed September 30, 2010

UPDATE: The park had financial troubles, and was closed on September 30, 2010.[4] Creditors finally put the park up for auction (not including the busts) on September 28, 2012 after a foreclosure auction originally scheduled for April 26, 2012 was cancelled without explanation.[5] By January 10, 2013, the busts had been moved to private storage at a local farm by Howard Hankin. Source:

Presidents Park is the newest educational museum in Williamsburg, Virginia and a must-see attraction for youths and adults alike. Walk among 42 magnificent 16 to 18 foot tall monuments and get acquainted with them as individuals and as leaders. This outdoor museum of the United States Presidents is located close to Water Country USA and Busch Gardens Williamsburg.


David Adickes, the distinguished sculptor and painter who created the monumental artworks on display at Presidents Park, has a reputation that spans the globe.

1. 42 Presidential Statues
2. 44 Presidential histories and interesting facts from 1789 to the present
3. 14 Defining moments of our Nation’s History
4. Self Guided Themed Tours – color coded signs guide you through the chosen themed tour
5. Café – offering a variety of snacks and light meals
6. Pictures, paintings and exhibits form the Presidential Pet Museum
7. Gift Shop featuring a wide selection of presidential gift items and souvenirs
8. Presidential Tea Room and observation deck

United States Presidents from Virginia

“A most attractive vehicle for teaching all Americans” – Gerald R. Ford
“A project of historical significance for our country” – George H. W. Bush

Presidents Park
211 Water Country Parkway
Williamsburg, VA 23185
Phone: 757-259-1121 | 800-588-4327 | Fax: 757-220-2901


Entrance sign at Presidents Park, Williamsburg, Virginia

16 to 18 foot tall monuments at Presidents Park, Williamsburg, Virginia

United States Presidents from Virginia