Christmas Mouse

Christmas Mouse, Williamsburg, Virginia

The Christmas Mouse has eight year round locations, plus temporary shops open during the peak holiday season. They are all richly decorated with an assortment of over 28,000 different ornaments, collectibles and accessories.

Located in Williamsburg, Virginia our store at 1991 Richmond Road is considered our flagship store. Founded in 1985, the Christmas Mouse soon outgrew its first location in Williamsburg and moved to its current 10,000 square foot location. We invite you to discover Williamsburg and plan a store visit soon!

Christmas Mouse
1991 Richmond Road, Williamsburg, VA 23185,
Phone: (757) 221-0357

7461 Richmond Road, Norge, VA 23187
Phone: (757) 229-8140

9200 Commerce Blvd, Williamsburg, VA, 23185
Phone: 888-437-5635